We periodically hold talks with leading synthetic biology speakers, typically on Thursday evenings. Attendance is free, and there is an opportunity to meet with the speaker at a meal before or after the event.

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Synthetic biology for regenerative medicine

6:30pm, 8th November, 2016

Prof Weiss, of the Weiss lab in MIT, is giving a talk for the SynBio SRI in the use of synthetic biology for regenerative medicine.

Programmable biology in the test tube

10:00am, 19th October, 2016

Come along to the department of Plant Sciences for a hands-on prototyping workshop on synthetic gene circuits.

Sculpting evolution: engineering biology to address global disease challenges

7:30pm, 18th October, 2016

Dr Kevin Esvelt (MIT Media Lab) and Professor Luke Alphey (Pirbright Institute, founder of Oxitec Ltd) examine the science, ethics and regulation of genetic engineering to control mosquito-borne disease.

CUSBS 2016/17 Project Meeting

8:00pm, 16th October, 2016

Interested in joining some of our project this year, or just missed the squash on Saturday? Come along and find out more!

CUSBS Freshers Squash - Free food and drinks

5:00pm, 15th October, 2016

Come to our squash this Saturday for free food and drinks, the chance to meet others interested in Synthetic Biology, and opportunities to get more involved in the society.

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