First Hardware Project Meeting, 6pm Tomorrow (Tuesday 15th Nov)

Hi all,

The first hardware meeting of term will be happening at 18:00 tomorrow (Tuesday 15th Nov) in the Dyson Centre, Department of Engineering.

The meeting is open to all members, regardless of whether you're already part of the biological project. Attending the meeting does not mean you have to commit to the project, and will be a good way to see what it's all about if you're unsure. We'd also like to encourage people from non-engineering backgrounds to come along too, as you'll be able to learn a lot of new skills and will have plenty of opportunity to pick things up as you go along. We do need biologists on the team, as they're the ones who will ultimately be using the hardware!

If you have any issues finding the Dyson Centre, just ask at reception in the Engineering Department.



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