3D Printing Workshop // Biological Project Meeting // Café Synthetique

Hi all,

See below for some SynBio events in Cambridge this week. Also just a reminder that it's not too late to join one of our two student-led projects. These will give you a chance to broaden your skill set and look great on applications for research placements, internships or PhDs. Graduate students, if you're working in a field that you think might be of interest to the membership or want to share some of your research, do get in touch and we can discuss possible talks, workshops or project mentoring.

  1. 3D printing workshop

    • 2:00-4:00pm, Saturday, November 26th
    • Dyson Centre, Department of Engineering, Cambridge

    The workshop will be roughly two hours, but it may go on longer than this. Feel free to come late if you can't make the start, and if you can't make it at all don't worry: if you ever have anything you want to print, or want help with, just contact the committee and we'll organise for you to use our Printer any time during term. Depending on the prints some may have to be left running overnight but we can make arrangements on Saturday. We will be splitting into groups to work on a few different 3D printing projects, some involving protein structures depending on what people are interested in doing.

    Important Please bring with you a laptop, and have downloaded the following programs (all free):

    1. OpenSCAD
    2. PyMol
    3. VMD
    4. Meshlab
    5. Cura

    If you get a chance to familiarise yourselves with any of these that'd be very useful.

  2. Biological project meeting

    Next week's meeting will be run jointly with the workshop above (same date, time and location). As well as being able to do some 3D printing, you'll also have the opportunity to continue working on some simple circuit design and discussion on how these circuits might be translated into living systems using genetic components.

    For more information check out the Trello board during the week.

  3. Cafe Synthetique OpenPlant Fund Mixer and Microfluidics Talks

    • 6:00 PM, Monday, November 21
    • Panton Arms, 43 Panton Street CB2 1HL, Cambridge

    Café Synthetique is the monthly meetup for the Cambridge synthetic biology community with informal talks, discussion and pub snacks. This month we'll hear from 2016 OpenPlant Fund grantees and discuss your ideas for open, innovative and interdisciplinary projects in cell-free or plant synthetic biology.

    This week will also include a series of talks on the emerging topic of microfluidics. This month's speakers will include Ivan Reyna-Llorens, Steve Burgess, Florian Hollfelder, and Clive Smith from Sphere Fluidics.

    For more information and regular updates about future events follow the Cambridge Synthetic Biology Meetup.

As always, if you have any questions just ask.



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